Make Quality Aviation your private airline!

Quality Aviation can get you where you need to go on your timetable. Our variety of aircraft and flexible scheduling makes chartering with us simple and efficient. Air travel with commercial airlines has become time consuming and inefficient with the hassle factor far outweighing the benefits of a discounted fare. Fractional ownership programs require hefty outlays of cash to buy a share of the aircraft to gain flexibility over the commercial air travel.

You don’t have to deal with the commercial airlines or own a share of an airplane to get the most flexibility and efficiency from your air dollars. Give Quality Aviation a call before your next trip and let us be your private airline. Come and visit Charter PDK today.

What’s different about charter vs. the commercial airlines?

Think about your last commercial airline trip out of a place like Hartsfield-Jackson International airport. Was it fun? Was it efficient? Did you have to take your shoes off in order to pass through security? The main reasons charter becomes a viable alternative to the commercial airlines is convenience and efficiency. Look at some of the differences between Quality Aviation and a commercial airline.

FAA Free Rides
  • Quality Aviation departs from convenient PDK in Chamblee, not Hartsfield-Jackson
  • You decide departure times
  • You need to be at PDK 10 minutes before departure
  • No car parking fee
  • No X-ray or security lines
  • No checked bags/baggage lines
  • Free drinks, coffee, snacks, etc.
  • Daily newspapers, games
  • Rental car at the other end is driven right to the door of the plane for baggage loading/unloading.
  • Actual in the air time usually the same as a commercial carrier
  • If you run late, the plane waits for you!