Quality Aviation is simply the best. Before I took my first flying lesson I did some homework and asked around about flight schools and flight instructors. Quality Aviation was mentioned over and over as the best school with the best instructors around. A fun introductory flight turned into an adventure into the world of general aviation, a private pilot license and current training for an instrument rating. Quality Aviation instructors have the knowledge and experience that every student pilot wants. Their attention to thorough aviation knowledge, flight proficiency, and safety is top quality.
Janice W. Johnston, M.D.

Quality Aviation means a lot to my family. It’s not only where I learned to fly, but it’s where my mom and dad learned to fly too! I obtained my private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, and flight instructor ratings with QA and couldn’t think of a better place to learn. The training I received from QA surpasses all others because you are learning from the BEST. I feel that I have been prepared for every flight and I credit QA for teaching me those skills. QA is not only the best flight school at PDK; I would say that it is the best flight school in Atlanta.
Zach Massey

University of Georgia Student and Flight Instructor

As a cautious middle-aged attorney, I was careful in selecting a flight school. I selected Quality Aviation because they kept coming up over and over in conversations I had with experienced pilots. Quality Aviation has the reputation for being home to some of the finest instructors in the area. I obtained my private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument, and multi-engine ratings with the staff at Quality Aviation. I rate my experience as a 10+. Whether someone is an aspiring professional pilot or a private pilot who wants the skills of a professional pilot for safety reasons, I unhesitatingly recommend Quality Aviation for all of their pilot training needs.
Dan McConnell


Since my teenage years I dreamed about piloting airplanes. At 44, it was time to quit dreaming and start flying. Two high-time pilots recommended Quality Aviation (QA) to me as the best school at PDK. The instruction is challenging and thorough. The instructors are pleasant and insightful. Within 14 months I earned my Private Pilot and Instrument Ratings at QA flying on my schedule. QA later helped me with the prebuy and purchase of my own airplane. I have several hundred flying hours since graduating. I am rarely surprised in the air, which I attribute to the comprehensive training I received at QA. I concur with my pilot friends: Quality Aviation is the best school at PDK.

Jim Judson

Software Executive